Duties Of A Professional Security Guard

Duties of a professional security guard are defined in the United States Department of Labor as professional security services, which includes the protection of persons and property. These guards are expected to respond to an emergency 24 hours a days. It is also their responsibility to respond to emergency calls for assistance, and to provide medical aid when people cannot get outside their homes or offices due to weather conditions or safety concerns. Some states consider a guard to be a peace officers. These individuals are responsible for protecting life and property, and they have the same responsibilities that sworn law enforcement officers. Below is a short description of the duties of a professional security guards.

These people are expected to perform many duties. Security guards are responsible for keeping residential and commercial areas safe. They will usually be on the scene of an emergency to manage the situation and report it back to authorities. Other duties include helping homeowners with locks and keys, emergency dispatch of emergency medical service or law enforcement officials.

These duties can vary depending on which agency employs them.

There are usually two levels of guards in a large facility: commissioned and uncommissioned. A security company employs commissioned guards on a permanent basis. They often work as part of an integrated security unit that responds to calls. On the other hand, non-commissioned guards are usually hired on a temporary basis.

Guards assigned to the FBI and other national security agencies may have to guard government buildings, such as the Department of Justice and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms. These guards are not employed locally by law enforcement agencies. The duties of these guards are varied and will depend on how much trust an employee must have with the agency he is working for. They will often need to carry firearms, which require special licensing and training.

A person who has passed all required courses on security and criminal justice can be hired as a security agent employee. Their duties may include security monitoring, background checks on potential employees, interviewing candidates, maintaining an employee database and answering telephones. They may be required to work overtime to meet customer demands. On extremely rare occasions, they may be asked to patrol the facility or may have emergency situations where their help is needed.

duties of a professional security guards

A guard’s duties include looking out for signs of theft and burglary, as well as performing background checks and investigating any crimes. On a part-time basis, they may be asked to guard the entrances to the facility and may be required to protect the property during late night or non-office hours. Some agencies require their employees do extra duty when requested by the client. Others have policies that allow the employee to choose whether to perform such duties. Some agencies may allow employees to attend a boxing match, if requested.

Professional security guards need to have a special license in order to carry firearms.

It is unsafe for people entering buildings if there are any dangers. Security guards may also have to undergo extensive psychological or behavioral training. Security agents are often expected to be friendly with customers and keep them away from danger. Because of the dangerous job responsibilities they have, security guards are subject to periodic re-training to ensure that they are up to date on the latest security threats.

The duties of professional security guards will vary depending on what agency they work for. Some agencies require that their personnel perform additional tasks such as tracking missing persons or investigating suspicious people. Private security guards are able to perform specific tasks, such as protecting buildings and assets. A security guard might only lock doors within a business’s premises. Private security guards may be employed to protect banks, businesses, and government buildings.